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About CMS

CMS is a convenient solution for monitoring and tracking user complaints. CMS gives a complete system that can automatically handle the different processes of a CMS 24/7. Its high-tech device provides updated status regarding the complaint and feedback from the customers. The device enables the consumers to register their complaint via SMS or Mobile Application which can be constantly tracked by the consumers therefore providing ease and quick communication to the customers.

Operation Cycle

  • Complaint registration through SMS or Android App
  • Administration collects information about complaint
  • Responsibility is assigned to concern employee
  • Inventory updated by the employee
  • Complaint resolved by the employee
  • Complaint status is updated in database
  • Feedback is taken from customer after complaint resolution


  • Complaint can be lodged via SMS through mobile app
  • Inventory can be easily managed
  • Employee information can be tracked by the management
  • Efficient, Reliable & Quick process of communication
  • Complaints can be addressed on time
  • Complaint details are added by the consumers
  • Consumer is notified regarding the status of the complaint (i.e.
    Pending, Resolved, Not resolved, In-progress)