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About Smart Car Parking

The smart parking system implemented mainly in the Europe, United States and Japan is developed with the incorporation of advanced technologies and researches from various academic disciplines. Smart Parking is a parking solution that can include in-ground Smart Parking sensors, cameras or counting sensors. These devices are usually embedded into parking spots or positioned next to them to detect whether parking bays are free or occupied. With its deployment in the car park, it is hoped that it would solve the aforementioned problems faced by the patrons within the car park.


Tackles Traffic Congestion and Management, a global issue.
Smart Parking Management with Artificial Intellegnce in real time.
Easily Implementable on already available surveillance system.
Seamless and hassle-free parking slot allotment and monitoring.
On Camera to see it all.
Reliable and cost effective.


The system is made more efficient as vehicle travel time and search time are significantly reduced due to the information provided by the smart parking system
For the car park operators, the information gathered via the implementation of the Smart Parking System can be exploited to &predict future parking patterns.
In terms of environment conservation, the level of pollution can be reduced by decreasing vehicle air pollutant.
It will be reduces feul consumption as well, which is directly related to vehicle miles travelled.
Most importantly, traffic congestion can be reduced.