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About Single Phase Smart Meter

CISNR Smart Meter is single phase whole current smart energy meter designed for measurement of active and reactive energy as well as maximum demand, multi-tariffs for domestic, commercial and industrial customers in three phase networks. CISNR smart energy meter used for residential and commercial connections with remote connect and disconnect and Global System for Mobile Communication / General Packet Radio Service (GSM/GPRS) communication capability. To resolve the menace of energy theft prevalent in local market, it is carefully designed with stringent ti-tampering features. To offer highest level of flexibility, it can operate as a standalone product or be integrated with various data collection and energy management tools.


  • Single phase two wire connection.
  • On demand and scheduled meter reading.
  • PF calculation peak current, peak voltage.
  • Measures active & reactive energy & power.
  • Transformer fault detection and reporting.
  • Built-in GPRS for secure and fast communication.
  • Unbalanced load detection & remote switching.
  • User oriented meter reading options i.e. hourly, daily, weekly, monthly.
  • Long life, clear, wide and high contrast display.
  • Metering and reactive power data collection.
  • MDI measurement.
  • Load Profile Data Recording.